Regional #1 Seeding Information

  1. Overall varsity record based on percentage - 15 matches minimum. Wrestlers with less than 15 matches will be assessed losses to get to the 15 match minimum.
  2. Most wins.
  3. Head to head record.  Maximum movement of one seed (starting at the top).
  4. Returning state champion - state placer (the higher place has preference)

    a.  If two place winners from different weights were in the same classification (5A) and finished in the same place (2nd), the wrestler at the higher weight class has precedence.
    b.  If two place winners are from different classifications, the larger classification has precedence.
  5. Varsity record at the weight the wrestler is entered in at the regional meet.

    The following, 6-10, is in overall varsity record
  6. Most falls
  7. Most technical falls
  8. Most major decisions
  9. Vote of coaches
  10. Coin flip